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Spiders and scorpions

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Spiders and scorpions

Many people love lobsters, crabs, shrimps and other aquatic arthropods. Why would they scorn their land-dwelling relatives?

Spiders are especially popular in Asia. In Thailand en Cambodia there are two ways to catch big ground dwelling spiders: digging them out or luring them out of their refuge by poking a stick in it. Those spiders are pan fried or deep fried and sold as snacks on markets. But people in small Thai villages like their spiders raw: they eat them alive, after they’ve removed the poisonous fangs.

Fried scorpions are quite commonly seen on Asian market, their poisonous stings removed and their hard pincers used as toothpicks. Scorpions aren’t very popular food in other continents. In Mexico, however, you can order your mescal with on the bottom of the bottle a scorpion instead of the usual weevil grub. And an American confectionary firm is not only selling lollipops with mealworms, but also scorpions coated in delicious Belgian chocolate…



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Recipe: Scorpions on a bed of endives and herb cheese

Remove the stings and pincers from the scorpions. Marinate for 30 minutes in white wine, honey and lemon. Bake in a 250°C oven for 5 minutes. Stir-fry the endives, together with garlic, pepper and salt. Serve them hot on plates and add 50 g of herb cheese, allowing it to melt. Top each plate with a few scorpions.


Last modified : May 07, 2007