Ishango, 22000 and 50 years later :

the cradle of mathematics?

Fonds for Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek  Fund for Scientific Research of Flanders  Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van BelgiĆ«  Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium


The first Ishango rod. Photo: Marcel Spinglaer; infographie: Ivan Jadin, IRSNB.


Special meeting about the 22000 years old Ishango rod, whose mathematical properties were revealed for the first time in Jean de Heinzelin's excavation's report on 1957 February 28, exactly 50 years ago at the time of the conference.

Scoop: revelation of the second Ishango rod.


2007 Feb 28 - March 2.

Late afternoon - evening: outreach to the general audience

  program details and list of speakers 

Organising scientists from the Royal Museum for Central Africa (Tervuren),
The Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences (Brussels),
the University of Ghent and
the Architecture Department Sint-Lucas Assoc. KULeuven (Brussels).


Taste the topic: here is reprint from the journal "Anthropologica et Praehistorica": "Mathematics in (central) Africa before colonization".



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