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On show at the Museum

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Illustration On show at the Museum



On show at the Museum

Did you ever look into a mammoth’s trunk? Stand face to face with a raging buffalo? Do you have dreams of living a Neanderthal’s life? What are you waiting for? Plunge into a Museum that’s alive!


New museum rooms in preparation …

We’re kicking off the second phase of the renovation works of our permanent halls. After the Dinosaur Gallery, the Evolution Gallery and the rooms 250 Years of Natural Sciences and BiodiverCITY, we’re preparing two new galleries for you.


Visit our Dinosaur Gallery, the largest exhibition in Europe that is entirely devoted to the discovery and study of dinosaurs.


At the time when the tyrannosaurs ruled the Earth, gigantic predatory lizards roamed the seas ... (opening on Wednesday 2 April 2014)


The paleoLAB is a discovery room entirely dedicated to the world of fossils, aimed at children aged 5 year and older. Opened during (Belgian) school holidays.


The incredible richness of the living world is the result of an age-long evolution. Travel through time and meet your ancient ancestors in our Museum.


No, the city does not only consist of setts, walls and concrete Come and discover the city’s biodiversity in BiodiverCITY, a permanent gallery about biodiversity in the city.

Animal Kingdom

Silverfishes and agoutis, aardwolves and capybaras, tiger moths and tarantulas, cuttlefish and cat sharks ... They’ll give you a taste of the abundant animal kingdom in the permanent halls.


Splendid crystals, cut gems, meteorites and precious bits of moon rock are telling about their truly brilliant existence.

250 Years of Natural Sciences

The history of the Museum is filled with amazing tales. Discover how an 18th century cabinet of curiosities was transformed into a modern research centre and innovative museum.

Temporary exhibitions

Our temporary exhibitions are an overwhelming success every time! Discover our current and future exhibitions – or browse the archives.

Beyond the Museum

Unique pieces, hands-on exhibits, attractive halls ... But a lot more is happening above your head or behind the walls. Discover it here. Because the Museum is more than a museum!


How to get to the Museum, by private vehicle or by public transport.


> Click here to see 360° pictures of the halls (this site opens in a new window)

Last modified : March 20, 2014