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No, the city does not only consist of setts, walls and concrete! It is, often unexpectedly, full of animal life and vegetation. Come and discover the city’s biodiversity in BiodiverCITY, a brand new permanent gallery at the Museum.

Who would have thought that a slowworm could be hiding in a corner of your garden? Have you ever tried to follow a blue-winged grasshopper along the railway verge? Or have you experienced a day in the life of a hedgehog yet? Even though the city may sometimes appear gloomy and grey, it is full of surprises! Specimens, photos, films and interactives help to explain what the biodiversity in the city entails. Moreover, you can play an active role with the aid of computer simulations and take several measures in order to protect the biodiversity in the city.



BiodiverCITY: discover the city as you have never seen it before. An urban adventure for young and old, from the age of 8 onwards.

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Last modified : February 01, 2013