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Dinosaurs Gallery

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Under our feet

The excavation sites are the first step on our voyage to meet the dinosaurs. Follow our palaeontologists from Bernissart to China, passing through Russia to learn where and how we find dinosaurs and how a living animal can become a fossil.

Photo of Zone 1


Dinosaurs, living animals

From the excavated skeletons, the last witnesses of a long lost animal kingdom, we learn how the dinosaurs lived. Walking and running, attacking and defending themselves, communicating, eating, reproducing … The painstaking research of the palaeontologists brings these dinosaurs back to life.

Photo of Zone 2


Still among us?

What if the dinosaurs never completely disappeared? By observing and comparing we can each reach our own conclusion… But why are all those birds flying around the Gallery?

Photo of Zone 3



Last modified : June 27, 2012