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Brain Twisters

12.06.2014 > 30.08.2015

Visual of the BrainTwisters exhibition

Crack your own brain in our new temporary exhibition from June 12th 2014.

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And yet, it isn’t a magic trick: the brain adapts and learns extremely quickly. But how does it work? What does a neuron look like? How do optical illusions and other conjuring tricks manage to fool it? And what about the brains of other animals?

In our new exhibition you can find out what happens in your cranium, test the performance of your neurons in the Cognitilab, use the Cervomaton to explore the anatomy of your cerebral hemispheres in 3D, get caught out (or not) by our optical illusions, and analyse the cerebral capacities of other animals. Interactive videos and games complete this fascinating journey to the centre of your brain.

Brain Twisters is for young neurons (10 years of age and over) and grown-up brains.

This exhibition is a Cap Sciences production, supplemented by the Museum of Natural Sciences.



Last modified : June 17, 2014