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Bulletin Aardwetenschappen deel 78 - Bulletin Sciences de la Terre volume 78 - 2008

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78 2008 VAN VIERSEN, A.P. & H. PRESCHER Devonian Proetidae (Trilobita) from the Ardennes Massif (Belgium, N France) and teh Eifel Hills (W Germany) NULL EN 0.0
78 2008 COEN-AUBERT, M Fasciculate disphllids (Rugosa) from the Early Givetain Trois- fontaines Formation in Belgium NULL EN 0.0
78 2008 CASIER, J-G & E OLEMPSKA Middle frasnian (Devonian) ostracods from the frasnes railway section (Dinant Synclinorium, Belgium); taxonomy, biostratigraphy, paleoecology NULL EN 0.0
78 2008 SARTENAER, P Parallelepipedorhynchus castellum A new late Frasnian rhynchonellid brachiopod species from Trélon (Dinant Basin, France) NULL EN 0.0
78 2008 NIKISHIN, A.M. ALESEEV, A.S. BARABOSHKIN, E.J. KOPAEVICH, L/F/ GABDULLIN, R.R. & N.V. BADULINA The cretaceous history of the Bakhchisaray area, Southern Crimea (Ukraine) NULL EN 0.0
78 2008 VISHNEVSKAYA, F.S. & L.F. KOPAEVICH Development of radiolarians and plantonic foraminifera across some Cretceous stage boundaries NULL EN 0.0
78 2008 KENNEDY, W.J. KING, C & D.J. WARD The upper Albian and lower Cenomanian succession at Kolbay, eastern Mangyshlak (Southwest Kazakhstan) NULL EN 0.0
78 2008 KENNEDY, W, J GALE, A.S. WARD, D.J.& C.J. UNDERWOOD Early Turonian ammonites from Goulmima, Southern Morocco NULL EN 0.0
78 2008 KLINGER, H.C. & W.J. KENNEDY Mkuzeiella andersoni gen. et sp. nov. (Cephalopoda, Ammonoidea) from the Albian Mzinene formation of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa NULL EN 0.0
78 2008 FRAAJE, R.H.B. VAN BAKEL, B.W.M. JAGT, J.W.M. & P ARTAL New decapod crustaceans (Anomura, Brachyrua) from mid-Cretaceous reefal deposits at Monte Orobe (Navarra, norhetn Spain), and comments on related type maastrichtian material NULL EN 0.0
78 2008 TAVERNE, L Considerations about the late cretaceous genus Chirocentrites and erection of the new genus Heckelichthys (Teleostei, Ichtyodectiformes) - A new visit inside the ichthyodectid phylogeny NULL EN 0.0
78 2008 WALASZCZYK, I COBBAN, W.A. WOOD, C.J. & A KIN The inoceramus azerbaydjanensis fauna (Bivalvia) and its value for chronostratigraphic calibration of the European Campanian (upper Cretaceous) NULL EN 0.0
78 2008 NOLF, D RANA R.S. & G.V.R. PRASAD Late cretaceous (Maastrichtian) fish otoliths from the Deccan Intertrappean Beds, India a revision NULL EN 0.0
78 2008 MACHALSKI, M JAGT J.W.M. & Z; DUBICKA Additional records of scaphitid ammonites from the basal upper Maastrichtian (Upper Creaceous) of eastern Poland NULL EN 0.0
78 2008 GAUDANT, J & R SMITH Des dents de poissons characiformes dans l'Eocène basal de Dormaal (Niveau proche de la limite Paléocène Eocène, Brabant flamand, Belgique) NULL FR 0.0
78 2008 LAMBERT, O Sperm whales from the Miocene of the North Sea a-re appraisal NULL EN 0.0
78 2008 LEWY, Z Distinguishing trace fossils and similar-shaped body fossils using sedimentological criteria - an example from the Miocene of new Zealand NULL EN 0.0
78 2008 JAGT-YAZYKOVA, EA Annie V. Dhondt Memorial Volume- Introduction NULL FR 29.9

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