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The Museum acts as a showcase for scientific research conducted by the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, an internationally renowned center of which the Museum is an integral part.

On November 24 2008, researchers could participate in an "open house day", where our scientific research was presented. For a complete overview, please click here (PDF document, 19MB, click here for the plugin, HTML version, all versions will open in a new window).

The museum galleries show only a tiny fraction of the wealth of the RBINS. Its collection comprises some 37 million specimens; it is one of the ten most important of the world.

Our library is also very impressive. You can consult age-old natural history books as well as the most recent scientific journals, popularizing works and wide range of maps.

The RBINS does not only carry out its research work within its walls, but collaborates at various projects with many other institutions.

Our researchers issue a great number of publications every year. Our own paper, CD-rom or DVD publications are listed here. You can also consult the 5th edition of the biobibliographic repertory (in French or Dutch).

Under the auspices of UNESCO, the Congo2010 Consortium funds nine fellowships in the field of biological and environmental sciences.

More information about the 10th ASWA Meeting.

Last modified : March 21, 2012