Checklist of the Amphipods
of the Southern Ocean

The present list is an "easy to consult" form of the document published in Doc. Trav. Inst. r. Sci. nat. Belg., 73
by Claude De Broyer & Krzysztof Jazdzewski, in 1993:

Contribution to the marine biodiversity inventory:
A checklist of the Amphipoda (Crustacea) of the Southern Ocean.

This checklist embraces, with synonymical bibliography, all benthic, supralittoral and pelagic amphipods (Gammaridea, Caprellidea & Hyperiidea) occuring in the Southern Ocean, mostly from taxonomical literature checked until 31/12/92.

883 taxa have been recorded: 711 spp. & subspp. for Gammaridea, 28 for Caprellidea, and 69 for Hyperiidea., as well as 75 unidentified taxa.

The entire original checklist, as published in 1993, is downloadable as a .pdf document (380 Ko) by clicking HERE
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This checklist will be progressively updated by recording newly described species and new distributional data, and by integrating the compiled references from Lowry & Bullock (1976) "Catalogue of the Marine Gammaridean Amphipoda of the Southern Ocean".

   09/1999 - Geographical distribution: introduction of G code for occurrence in the South Georgia district,
and restriction of the W code to West Antarctic records, excluding South Georgia.

   09/1999 - Taxonomy of Caprellidea: new family arrangement according to Laubitz, 1993.

Select the desired (super-)family in the appropriate suborder, and click to see the list of recorded genera and species.

Capital letters following species names refer to zoogeographical codes (see map).

In the species reference records, the following abbreviations are used: cal.: calceoli; chr.: chromosomes, karyotypes; eco.: ecology; fem.: female; gen. rem.: genus removal; mof.: functional morphology; mor.: morphology; nut.: nutrition; quest. gen.: "questioned genus"; syn.: synonymy.




The listing of bibliographic references is also available

as well as a map with zoogeographical zonation

Other references can also be found on line in the Cold Regions Bibliography
(which gathers all the previous volumes of the Antarctic Bibliography & the Current Antarctic Literature)
or in SPRILIB-Antarctica, the database from the Scott Polar Research Institute

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