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Volume: 133 (1)

M. Callebaut, Van Neuten, E. , Bortier, H. , und Harrisson, F. , „Rauber's sickle generates only extraembryonic tissues (junctional-and sickle endoblast), and, by positional information, organizes and dominates the whole avian blastoderm (gastrulation, neurulation and blood island formation)“, Belg. J. Zool, Bd. 133 (1), S. 45–60, 2003. PDF
P. Verdyck und Desender, K. , „Mono-and oligophagous Phyllotreta (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) species: the relation between host plant range and genetic diversity“, Belg. J. Zool, Bd. 133 (1), S. 71–76, 2003. PDF
R. Diogo, Chardon, M. , und Vandewalle, P. , „On the osteology and myology of the cephalic region and pectoral girdle of Liobagrus reini Hilgendorf, 1878, with a discussion on the phylogenetic relationships of the Amblycipitidae (Teleostei: Siluriformes)“, Belg. J. Zool, Bd. 133 (1), S. 77–84, 2003. PDF
F. H. Acuña, Excoffon, A. C. , und Scelzo, M. A. , „Mutualism between the sea anemone Antholoba achates (Drayton, 1846)(Cnidaria: Actiniaria: Actinostolidae) and the spider crab Libinia spinosa Milne-Edwards, 1834 (Crustacea: Decapoda, Majidae)“, Belg. J. Zool, Bd. 133 (1), S. 85–87, 2003. PDF
C. Daniel Antinuchi und Schleich, C. Eric, „Spatial memory in a solitary subterranean rodent Ctenomys talarum (Rodentia: Ctenomyidae)“, Belg. J. Zool, Bd. 133 (1), S. 89–91, 2003. PDF

Volume: 133 (2)

„Entire Issue. Volume 133 (2) - July 2003“, Belg. J. Zool, Bd. 133 (2), 2003. PDF
C. Massin, Dupont, S. , und , , „Study on Leptoconchus species (Gastropoda, Coralliophilidae) infesting Fungiidae (Anthozoa: Scleractinia); 1. Presence of nine Operational Taxonomic Units ({OTUs}) based on anatomical and ecological characters“, Belg. J. Zool, Bd. 133 (2), S. 121–126, 2003. PDF
Y. Samyn und Thandar, A. S. , „Massinium, a new genus in the family Phyllophoridae (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea: Dendrochirotida) with description of a new south-west Indian Ocean species M. maculosum“, Belg. J. Zool, Bd. 133 (2), S. 135–142, 2003. PDF
M. Begum, Macours, N. , Schoofs, L. , Rahman, M. M. , De Loof, A. , und Huybrechts, R. , „Cloning and tissue distribution of the cyclic {AMP} generating peptide of the grey flesh fly Neobellieria bullata (Diptera: Sarcophagidae)“, Belg. J. Zool, Bd. 133 (2), S. 151–156, 2003. PDF
L. Taverne, „Redescription critique des genres Thryptodus, Pseudothryptodus et Paranogmius, poissons marins (Teleostei, Tselfatiiformes) du Crétacé supérieur des États-Unis, d'Egypte et de Libye“, Belg. J. Zool, Bd. 133 (2), S. 163–174, 2003. PDF
W. H. De Smet, „Paradicranophorus sinus sp. nov.(Dicranophoridae, Monogononta) a new rotifer from Belgium, with remarks on some other species of the genus Paradicranophorus Wiszniewski, 1929 and description of Donneria gen. nov“, Belg. J. Zool, Bd. 133 (2), S. 181–188, 2003. PDF
T. Adriaens, Branquart, E. , und Maes, D. , „The multicoloured Asian ladybird Harmonia axyridis Pallas (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae), a threat for native aphid predators in Belgium?“, Belg. J. Zool, Bd. 133 (2), S. 195–196, 2003. PDF

Volume: 132 (1)

C. Oliveira, Diogo, R. , Vandewalle, P. , und Chardon, M. , „On the myology of the cephalic region and pectoral girdle of three ariid species, Arius heudeloti, Genidens genidens and Bagre marinus, and comparison with other catfishes (Teleostei: Siluriformes)“, Belg. J. Zool, Bd. 132 (1), S. 17–24, 2002. PDF
L. Taverne, „Révision de Luxilites striolatus, poisson marin (Teleostei, Tselfatiiformes) du Crétacé supérieur du Kansas (Etats-Unis)“, Belg. J. Zool, Bd. 132 (1), S. 25–34, 2002. PDF
P. Poncin, Petitfrère, P. , Vandewalle, P. , und Ruwet, J. - C. , „The reproductive behaviour of the African catfish Heterobranchus longifilis (Siluriformes, Clariidae) in an aquarium-Preliminary results“, Belg. J. Zool, Bd. 132 (1), S. 35–40, 2002. PDF
M. Augé und Smith, R. , „Nouveaux Lacertidae (Reptilia, Squamata) de l'Eocène inférieur européen“, Belg. J. Zool, Bd. 132 (1), S. 3–16, 2002. PDF


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