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Barbatodon transylvanicus, the oldest fossil mammal with red teeth. (photo: Thierry Smith, RBINS)

A Prehistoric Mammal with Blood Red Teeth

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Charlotte Degueldre

Our colleague and palaeontologist Thierry Smith has discovered a 70 million year old mammal with red teeth in Transylvania, Romania. Iron strengthened Barbatodon transylvanicus’ incisors and molars and gave them their red colour.

The research vessel Belgica is 50.9 m long and 10 m wide.Its cruising speed is 12 knots (22 km/h), which allows it to travel 5000 miles in 20 days. (photo: RBINS)

Secretary of State Tommelein Visits RV Belgica

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The Secretary of State for the North Sea, Bart Tommelein, visited the oceanographic vessel RV Belgica, on the 10th of July 2015. He wanted to see how research is done during a scientific campaign.

Multibeam image of a sandbank

Public consultation for sand extraction at sea

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There are 4 concession prolongation requests for the extraction of sand on the Belgian part of the North sea. On May 20th 2015, Mr. Daniël Talpe, on behalf of Satic NV, Rietschoorvelden 20, 2170 Merksem, Mr. Mr. Patrick Vercammen on behalf of Ch. Kesteleyn NV, Zuiddokweg 50, 9000 Gent, Mr.

Sea view

Advice for the wind farm RENTEL

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Rentel nv introduced on December 3rd 2014 a request for changing the permit and authorisation for the construction and exploitation of the cables for the Rentel offshore windfarm in the Belgian part of the North Sea.

Logo EMODnet

European Marine Observation and Data Network: new video out now!

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We are delighted to present a short video showing why the Blue Society needs improved ocean information and how the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) is helpin


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