Be Surprised By Our Annual Report 2019



Jaarverslag 2019
Be Surprised By Our Annual Report 2019
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Reinout Verbeke

In this buzzing beehive that is our Institute, who knows what's going on behind all the doors? The annual report gives you a non-exhaustive overview of the diversity of our missions, activities and results. It reflects the work of all of our teams, whether in research, conservation, museology, multimedia communication, etc.

What is the common point between an instrument used at NASA, the ecological footprint of the Neanderthals, a port hidden under a Brussels car park, a 14,000-year-old cub, Lake Tanganika, earthworms, wind turbines in the North Sea, fossil fish, an allosaur and your smartphone. All of them have been investigated by RBINS' colleagues in 2019.

Short and exciting stories to get to know us better. And if all this hasn't sparked your curiosity yet, you'll also come across an Oscar-winning director!


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