News from the research vessel RV Belgica




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Fishing on board of RV Belgica (picture ILVO).
News from the research vessel RV Belgica
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After a long period of technical problems, the oceanographic research vessel RV Belgica is back at sea!

Since 2015, the RV Belgica participates, via BELSPO, to the EC ESFRI project ICOS ERIC (Integrated Carbon Observation System – European Research Infrastructure Consortium), where the AUMS system of the de RV Belgica is used to foresee in the long-term measurements of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses.

In 2015 RV Belgica encountered severe problems when the motor of the ship flooded one night in summer. Five months of maintenance were necessary to get the ship back in shape. In December 2015 the scientific campaigns were restarted and now, in January 2016 RV Belgica is fully operational again!

If you are curious to know what kind of research will be done on board of our oceanographic research vessel this year, you can check the interactive program. As you can see, another major maintenance period is coming up from April until August 2016. The so called “obsolescence maintenance” is necessary to prevent this old ship to get into more trouble and foresees in a new alarm and management system to assure safe working the coming 4 years.

Further this year, we will also finalise the scientific needs for the new Belgian research vessel to replace the current RV Belgica. No political commitments on this issue have been done yet, but we are hopeful that this will be on the agenda of Secretary of State Elke Sleurs, soon.

Keep in touch and follow RV Belgica on our social media platforms, so you will get all the latest information on the research on board and the plans for the new vessel!

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