MNF 2016: welcome to our Balkan Tattoo Circus!



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MNF 2016: welcome to our Balkan Tattoo Circus!
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For the Museum Night Fever 2016 on 5th March, between 7pm and 1am, the Museum of Natural Sciences becomes the Balkan Tattoo Circus! “Natural sciences” tattoos  permanent, henna or transfer , exhilarating Balkan music and the acrobatic prowess of young circus artists are on the program. A night that will get under your skin with more than 60 artists who will turn the Museum in a whirling universe.


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Let the show begin!

The young talents from the Circolito in Mechelen will dazzle you all night long with their acrobatics: hanging from straps or aerial silk and performing in the air; rolling around on the floor and jumping over each other; trying to juggle as many balls and clubs as possible. Their performances will alternate with those of the jugglers from la maison des jeunes de Florennes who have created a unique performance for you, composed of trial unicycle and freestyle, diabolo, music and juggling, of course!

Tattoos for a few days … or forever

For a temporary version, we propose you lovely 100 % natural henna patterns, inspired by nature and made by Tatouage Henné Bruxelles, to gracefully decorate your hands for about 2 to 3 weeks. If you want something even more ephemeral (about a week), you should go for our “Balkan Tattoo Circus” transfers to press on your muscular biceps!

For a permanent version, our artists – Jim from L’encre du Marin and Greg BlackMoon from Keepsake Tattoo Piercing – will perform before your very eyes the “natural sciences” tattoos that they have designed for our “Balkan Tattoo Circus”. Please note that they will only work on their own models during the evening.

Exhilarating …

… and festive music from the Balkans (Greece, Romania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Macedonia etc.) and played by the Balkan Ensemble Muziekpublique. This collective is composed of twenty young energetic and cheerful musicians playing the accordion, the guitar, the violin, the clarinet or the saxophone. They all took part in the Balkan music workshops hosted by Nicolas Hauzeur (Kopanica) at Muziekpublique but also at Beica de Jos’ residences in Transylvania (Romania), at the Music Village in Agios Lavrentios (Greece), at the Académie Internationale d'été de Wallonie’s training courses (Belgium), with masters such as Kyriakos Gouventas, Dimos Vougioukas, Marcel Râmba or Pantelis Stoikos.

The MNF in Brussels

The 9th edition of the Brussels Museum Night Fever will take place on Saturday 5th March 2016. The MNF is an exceptional one-night event happening in 24 museums thanks to young artists. Bold, lively, joyfully unconventional and 100 % modern. With, depending on the museums, performances, live music, dance, workshops, videos, installations and guided tours. The MNF will end by a big afterparty at the Bloody Louis.

Practical information
  • The 24 museums will open their doors from 7pm to 1am.
  • Free STIB shuttles will drive you from museum to museum on 3 different routes.
  • The pass "24 museums" costs € 10 on presale (from 15th February 2016 to 4th March 2016) and € 14 afterwards.
  • The pass "24 museums and afterparty" costs € 17 on presale (from 15th February 2016 to 4th March 2016) and € 21 afterwards.

Detailed program of all the museums + ticket sale from the 15th February 2016 on!

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