Two Pairs of Falcons Breeding in Front of The Camera



Falcons for Everyone 2016
Two Pairs of Falcons Breeding in Front of The Camera
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Reinout Verbeke

The falcons are back in town! The 12th edition of Falcons for Everyone follows two breeding pairs this year. In the cathedral of Brussels the female laid 5 eggs and in the town hall of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre 4 eggs are waiting. During seven weeks you can follow their nest adventure on The eggs are expected to hatch in the upcoming week.

This year the female laid 5 eggs in the nest of the cathedral in Brussels. Usually a clutch contains 3-4 eggs. Five is exceptional, especially for a 14-year old female. We are already monitoring the nest for 12 years. The female was born on a 80-meter high chimney in Germany, about 230 km from Brussels. For the past 11 years she breeds in the cathedral in Brussels. The male is a faithful father for six years now. He was born in the cathedral in Brussels and… is breeding together with his mother. The first egg is expected to hatch around April 5. This year for the first time, a camera records a second breeding pair in the tower of the town hall of Sint-Pieters-Woluwe. The clutch contains eggs expected to hatch around April 11.

The newly hatched tiny chicks weigh about 30 grams. Six weeks later they are pride young falcons weighing more than 1 kilogram (for females). Since their arrival in Brussels in 2004 the falcon population is growing and is represented by 12 pairs this year.

Get inspired and watch the 24 hour livestream nest adventure on the blog. Every day (except Mondays) between noon and 6 pm, two ornithologists will answer all your questions in the observation point on the square in front of the cathedral. You can use the strong telescope and take close-up pictures yourself. Last year almost 20.000 visitors came, and about 3.000.000 virtual visitors from 157 countries followed the adventure of the little birds. 

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