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1. Potamotrygon leopoldi (Karelj, Wikimedia Commons)

170 species named after King Leopold III and Queen Astrid

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Reinout Verbeke

Two of our Institute’s taxonomists - biologists specialised in the discovery, description and classification of species - have found 170 species of animals named after King Leopold III and Queen Astrid in our collection and in databases.

Marine mammals in the Paratethys Sea, which became hypersaline between 13.8 and 13.4 million years ago, developed heavier bones. The core of the bone has far fewer cavities compared to contemporaries from other seas and to current species. (Image: RBINS)

Marine mammals developed thicker bones as diving weights in super salty sea

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Reinout Verbeke

Palaeontologists have discovered that marine mammals developed thicker and heavier bones as an adaptation to a salty inland sea in Central Europe some 13 million years ago.

Scan van fossiele haaienkaak

360-million-year-old shark jaw discovered in Belgian Ardennes

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Reinout Verbeke

A team of researchers, including palaeontologist Sébastien Olive (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences), has described a 360 million-year-old shark jaw found in the Belgian Ardennes. It is an exceptional find because cartilage almost never fossilizes.

Horse herd in the steppes of Inner Mongolia, China, July 2019. (Picture: Ludovic Orlando)

Origin of domestic horses finally established

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Reinout Verbeke

Horses were first domesticated in the northern Caucasus, before conquering the rest of Eurasia within a few centuries.

Unser hölzerner Iguanodon, vor dem Museum, mit seiner Maske (Foto: Stéphane Van Israël, KBIN)

Besuchen Sie das Museum in völliger Sicherheit

post by
Charlotte Degueldre

Haben Sie Lust auf einen Tag in der Dinosauriergalerie, mit T. rex 'Trix', Allosaurus 'Arkhane' und natürlich unseren Iguanodons von Bernissart? Oder sind Sie neugierig auf unsere Galerie Lebendiger Planet oder die Galerie des Menschen?


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