Dr. Carole Nehme

Carole Nehme
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Professional experiences

01/09/2014 > ongoing: Researcher


Paleoclimate reconstruction from speleothems in the Levant. Geochemistry, petrography

01/10/2009 > 09/12/2013: PhD assistant

Saint-Joseph University (Lebanon)

Paleogeography and incision phases of Mount-Lebanon valleys during the Plio-Quaternary period, from the study of cave network in Lebanon( Jeita, Kessarat and Kanaan cave). Detailed survey, GIS, sedimentology, spectrocolorimetry, magnetic susceptibility, 3D Imagery.

01/01/2006 > 31/08/2009: Teacher

Mission Laique Francaise-Lycée Franco-Libanais, Verdun, Lebanon

History and geography teacher (french programme)

15/08/2007 > 31/01/2009: Project Officer (Part-time)

MAJAL observatory center for urban studies and development, Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts, Beirut, Lebanon

feasibility studies for projects dedicated to local development: 1) Rural development of Qaa and Nabatiyeh villages, in 2008. The project was funded by the French consulate of Lebanon, 2) Land Use planning and directives for a strategic development of the North Lebanon coastal zone, in 2009. This study was a part on the IMACZ (Integrated Management for coastal zones) project for North Lebanon region, funded by the Italian Cooperation.

Academic training

01/10/2009 > 09/12/2013: PhD Geography

Specialization : Geomorphology
Grenoble University (France) & St-Joseph University (Lebanon)

co-directed PhD

01/09/2005 > 31/07/2007: Master

Environmental sciences and territorial planning
Saint Joseph University (Lebanon)

01/03/2004 > ongoing: English proficiency certiciate

Proficiency certificate
Georgetown University, USA
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