Old digital geological maps

Geological map N°Topographical map N°Author(s)Printer and date of impressionName of the Geological map
13945/1-2R. MarlièreMGI, 1977BELOEIL - BAUDOUR (*)
14045/3-4R. MarlièreMGI, 1964JURBISE - OBOURG (*)
14849/3-4P. FourmarierMGI, 1958LOUVEIGNE - SPA (**)
15045/5-6R. MarlièreMGI, 1969QUIEVRAIN - SAINT-GHISLAIN (*)
15145/7-8R. MarlièreMGI, 1966MONS - GIVRY (*)
15949/7-8F. Asselberghs (Devonian)
F. Geukens (Cambro-Ordovician)
16050/5-6F. GeukensMGI, 1963STAVELOT - MALMEDY (**)
16151/1-2R. MarlièreMGI, 1972ROISIN - ERQUENNES (*)
233 (+)56/3-4R. LegrandMGI, 1965SAINT-VITH - SCHÖNBERG (***)

MGI : Military Geographic Institute

  • (*) - The maps of the Mons basin also show the presence of mine shafts, active and abandoned quarries, boreholes and outcrops.
  • (**) - The maps of the Stavelot Massif indicate the boreholes, fossiliferous sites, active and abandoned quarries, carbonic-gas sources (called "pouhons" in French), galleries and outcrops.
  • (***) - The geological map 233 shows the outcrops, active and abandoned quarries, fossiliferous sites (also with plants) and ore deposits.
  • (+) - The map n° 233 has no explanatory booklet !

Localization of the maps

The nine geological maps are localized on the simplified geological map of Belgium and Luxembourg superposed with the 1:25,000 grid maps.

Old geological maps


The following image shows part of the geological map n° 160 Stavelot-Malmedy.

The following image shows the Stavelot city (upper right corner) that lies, on the northern part, on Permian conglomerate (brown) and on black slates (grey) of the Revin Group (named previously Revinian) in the southern part. The "Revinian" is partly covered by Quaternary alluvial deposits (green) of the "Amblève" river. The dark lines correspond to faults.

Stavelot map


The maps are avalaible on:

  • paper format, individually at the price of 10.00 EUR/map + 3.75 EUR (explanatory booklet) + shipping costs.
  • digital form, the rasters are georeferenced for the GIS MapInfo and ArcView. The explanatory booklets are avalaible as PDF (text) and JPG (raster) files. All the geological maps with the explanatory booklets are delivered on DVD at the price of 45.00 EUR/9 maps with the explanatory booklets + shipping costs.
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