Geological Collection Naterra


RBINS offers its expertise for identification of a multitude of geological objects (minerals, rocks and meteorites (contact: Thierry Leduc), description of boreholes (contact: Xavier Devleeschouwer) and geological description of temporary outcrops (contact: Vanessa Heyvaert).

Marine-oriented services include sorting of samples and identification of organisms, design and execution of monitoring programmes, including underwater sound measurements and analyses (contact: Steven Degraer). In addition, RBINS can provide consultancy on numerical model applications (contact: Geneviève Lacroix), provide tailor-made marine forecast services (contact: Sébastien Legrand) and provide assistance with aerial surveillance operations (contact: Ronny Schallier).

In the terrestrial environment, RBINS can assist in bat detection and bat identification (contact: Yves Laurent) and design and execution of biodiversity surveys in tropical environments (contact: Maurice Leponce).

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