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Volume: 134 (1)

F. Santoul and Mastrorillo, S. , “Winter microhabitat distribution of coots (Fulica atra L. 1758) on gravel-pit wetlands in the Garonne river floodplain, Southwest France”, Belg. J. Zool, vol. 134 (1), pp. 5–8, 2004. PDF
F. H. Acuña, Excoffon, A. C. , Zamponi, M. O. , and Genzano, G. N. , “Feeding habits of the temperate octocoral Tripalea clavaria (Studer, 1878)(Octocorallia, Gorgonaria, Anthothelidae), from sublittoral outcrops off Mar del Plata, Argentina”, Belg. J. Zool, vol. 134 (1), pp. 65–66, 2004. PDF
S. Mittal, Mittal, P. Kumar, and Mittal, A. Kumar, “Operculum of peppered loach, Lepidocephalichthys guntea (Hamilton, 1822) (Cobitidae, Cypriniformes) : a scanning electron microscopic and histochemical inves- tigation”, Belg. J. Zool, vol. 134 (1), pp. 9–15, 2004. PDF

Volume: 134 (2)

“Entire Issue. Volume 134 (2) - March 2004”, Belg. J. Zool, vol. 134 (2), 2004. PDF
C. Salin, Deprez, B. , Van Bockstaele, D. R. , Mahillon, J. , and Hance, T. , “Sex determination mechanism in the hymenopteran parasitoid Aphidius rhopalosiphi De Stefani-Peres (Braconidae: Aphidiinae)”, Belg. J. Zool, vol. 134 (2), pp. 15–21, 2004. PDF
D. Vanacker, Deroose, K. , Pardo, S. , Bonte, D. , and Maelfait, J. - P. , “Cannibalism and prey sharing among juveniles of the spider Oedothorax gibbosus (Blackwall, 1841)(Erigoninae, Linyphiidae, Araneae)”, Belg. J. Zool, vol. 134 (2), pp. 23–28, 2004. PDF
H. VAN GOSSUM, STOKS, R. , and DE BRUYN, L. , “Conspicuous body coloration and predation risk in damselflies: are andromorphs easier to detect than gynomorphs?”, Belg. J. Zool, vol. 134 (2), pp. 37–40, 2004. PDF
D. Bonte and Maelfait, J. - P. , “Colour variation and crypsis in relation to habitat selection in the males of the crab spider Xysticus sabulosus (Hahn, 1832)(Araneae: Thomisidae)”, Belg. J. Zool, vol. 134 (2), pp. 3–7, 2004. PDF
A. De Loof, “Evolution: the problem solving strategy as the basic unit of adaptation?”, Belg. J. Zool, vol. 134 (2), pp. 47–50, 2004. PDF
S. CARBONNELLE and Hance, T. , “Cuticular lobes in the Tetranychus urticac complex (Acari: Tetranychidae): a reliable taxonomic character?”, Belg. J. Zool, vol. 134 (2), pp. 51–54, 2004. PDF
R. C. Peters and Dénizot, J. - P. , “Miscellaneous features of electroreceptors in Gnathonemus petersii (Gunther, 1862)(Pisces, Teleostei, Mormyriformes)”, Belg. J. Zool, vol. 134 (2), pp. 61–66, 2004. PDF
G. Doignon, Deheyn, D. , and Fiers, F. , “Telestacicola xenophiothricis n. sp.(Copepoda, Poecilostomatoida), a remarkably well adapted commensal of the brittlestar Ophiothrix purpurea (Echinodermata)”, Belg. J. Zool, vol. 134 (2), pp. 67–73, 2004. PDF
S. Portha and Detrain, C. , “Local population dynamics of two co-existing birch aphid species: competition or intrinsic cycles of abundance?”, Belg. J. Zool, vol. 134 (2), pp. 85–88, 2004. PDF
M. - A. Legrand, Vernon, P. , Krespi, L. , and Hance, T. , “Morphological and physiological differences between mummy colour morphs of Aphidius rhopalosiphi (Hymenoptera: Braconidae): an adaptation to overwintering?”, Belg. J. Zool, vol. 134 (2), pp. 9–14, 2004. PDF

Volume: 133 (1)

“Entire Issue. Volume 133 (1) - January 2003”, Belg. J. Zool, vol. 133 (1), 2003. PDF
E. Escobar-Briones and Winfield, I. , “Checklist of the benthic Gammaridea and Caprellidea (Crustacea: Peracarida: Amphipoda) from the Gulf of Mexico continental shelf and slope”, Belg. J. Zool, vol. 133 (1), pp. 37–44, 2003. PDF


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