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The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

After coming here as children, on a school trip or with their families, our visitors generally know the Museum of Natural Sciences fairly well. They do not necessary know about the research institute behind it – the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.

In this section you can learn about the four essential components of our mission, the institute’s new organisational structure that was introduced in 2013, its Belgian and international partnersits Strategic Plan 2020-2025, its Research Strategy 2018-2022, and its annual reports sinds 2009.

In 2014 our scientific departments (report summary) underwent a peer review. Subsequently, in 2016, our services to the public and the daily management of the Museum (report summary) were assessed as well. Both evaluations were commissioned by BELSPO (Federal Science Policy).

Would you like to help us in our mission? Find out the various ways in which you can help in the Support us’ section.



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