Organisation chart



General Direction

Michel Van Camp

ICT & Multimedia

Sam Kauranne

Human Ressources

Anja Verbeeren

Financial service

Coordination by
Marie-Solange Mukarwema

Technical and logistics services

Kristel Claes


Michiel De Wandel


Donatienne Boland a. i.


Anne Desmettre


Freek Fonteyne

Visitor’s services

Pierre Deliens


Pierre Deliens

Events & Partnerships

Isabelle Van Loo

Laboratory of Molecular Systematics

Karin Breugelmans


Erik Verheyen


Thierry Backeljau


Frederik Hendrickx

Aquatic & Terrestrial Ecology

Ecosystems Physico-Chemistry

Ecosystems data processing and modelling

Measurement Service Ostend (MSO) & RV Belgica

Biodiversity & Ecosystems Data
& Information centre

Management Unit of the North Sea Mathematical Models

Belgian Biodiversity Policy Support Group

Geological Survey of Belgium

Vanessa Heyvaert

Palaeobiosphere Evolution

Thierry Smith

Quaternary Environments & Humans

Mietje Germonpré

Earth Sciences Laboratories

Sophie Decree
Thierry Leduc


Laurent Meese

Scientific collections & archives

Patrick Semal

The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences is a Belgian Federal State institution. It is part of the Federal Public Planning Service Science Policy (PPS Science Policy), a section of the Prime Minister's Offices.

It is involved in important scientific research activities and carries out public service missions. It is open to everyone through the Museum of Natural Sciences.

The Management Board is responsible for the day-to-day Institute’s management. In addition, the Institute’s General Director is also a full member of the Management Committee of the Federal Public Planning Service Belgian Science Policy.

The Nature Focus Management Commission, which comprises the RBINS and the Royal Museum for Central Africa, is responsible for the financial and practical management of the RBINS.

The Scientific Council offers advice on issues of a scientific nature that have an impact on the accomplishment of the tasks of the Institute.

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