BioBlitz 2020 in Brussels Leopold Park



“BioBlitz Leopold Park” is a follow-up of how biodiversity has changed –and hopefully increased– in a park located in the heart of Brussels, since the revegetation of the pond and set up of a flowery meadow in 2015. After a short introduction on sampling techniques and insect ecology, 20 citizens are invited to collect insects at the bank of the pond, in the meadow, and in other locations of the park. This participatory event aims at raising citizens awareness about biodiversity in the city.

Useful information:

The event is free of charge. The number of participants is limited to 20 as there will be 4 scientists training each 5 people. Participants are requested to register at

Some information will be displayed on the webpage of the Museum. The event will start on Sat. 12 of September at 02:00pm until 6:00pm. After a break the participants will be invited to join a night trapping from 07:30 pm until midnight! Depending on the weather, the participants will need clothes adapted to the conditions to protect them against heavy rain or sun. The material to be used for the observation and identification of the specimens will be provided by the Museum staff. The event may be adapted or cancelled depending on the health situation regarding COVID-19.




Un entomologiste récolte des insectes avec un filet à papillon (Photo : Isabelle Sauvage / IRSNB)
Un entomologiste collecte des insectes grâce à un aspirateur à insectes (Photo : Isabelle Sauvage / IRSNB)
Collecte d'insectes le long des berges de l'étang du Parc Léopold (Photo : IRSNB)
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