Phasma Meeting April 30.04.2017




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Free but on registration via email to Kristien Rabaey

Dear all phasmatologists and phasmatophiles, After the great success of last year’s edition, we are pleased to invite you all to the 59th Phasma Meeting which will take place at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels, Belgium (RBINS). This special event is an opportunity to meet other phasmid enthusiasts, breeders, taxonomists, amateurs and professionals from all over Europe and share and discuss your common passion for and experiences on that group of insects. Two seminars are organised as well as a visit to the collections of phasmids of RBINS (mainly the material collected by J. Constant and J. Bresseel in Vietnam and Cambodia). This will be followed at the end of the day by the “traditional” exchange of breeding stocks. This time, you will also be able to test your knowledge in a funny game... revise your care sheets!

Registration is obligatory via email to Kristien Rabaey (

VENUE: Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Vautier street 29, 1000 Brussels


10h30: Welcome

11h: Seminar (large auditorium) | Brazil-Expedition of the Phasmatodea team: Phasmids of Itatiaia National Park in the Mata Atlântica region of eastern Brazil by Frank Hennemann (Germany).

12h: Lunch. Food (sandwiches, pasta, quiche…) and drinks available at the cafeteria of the Museum.

13h30: Seminar (large auditorium) | Update in the family of Heteropterygidae by Holger Dräger (Germany).

14h30: Visit of the scientific collections of Phasmids of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. The visit will last 15-20 min, by groups of 10-15 people. Registration at welcome desk on arrival.

15h30: Phasmids breeding stocks exchange


Entomologist Joachim Bresseel holding the female of Phryganistria heusii yentuensis
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