Lecture P. De Deckker - The Belgica expedition 1897 - 1899



Learn about everything there is to know about the original Belgica expedition, which left Antwerp 120 years ago, and was the very first to overwinter in Antarctic waters. An amazing story of the discovery of the Gerlache Strait, and the collection of a vast amount of data in the fields of marine biology, meteorology, oceanography, sea floor sedimentology, sea ice and snow formation, and much more. All this while living in constant fear of the vessel being crushed , when the ship and scientists spent 13 months trapped in sea ice.

In this talk, Patrick De Deckker of the Australian National University will detail some of the exciting discoveries and also argue that the data gathered by the Belgica expedition is now of great importance when assessing environmental change around the Antarctic Peninsula. He will also argue that some of the Belgica sites, collections and data ought to be revisited and reexamined.

Participation is open to everyone, and free of charge. This lecture will be in English.

The lecture is followed by a networking event (14:00 - ...), for which you can register with Isabelle Schön (ischoen@naturalsciences.be) until 15 Oct 2017.

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