Activiteiten voor scholen


Dinosaurs for little ones

Hop on an adventure in the fabulous world of dinosaurs

With our youngest visitors, we will take a time machine to travel back to the time of the dinos and get to know Iggy, Trixie and Rex. We will witness the meteorite impact from up close and run for our lives. On our way home, we will also make a quick stop in the coal mine and see how Jules found the Iguanodons. After that, we will look for the skeletons of Iggy, Trixie and Rex in the Dinosaur Gallery. Last but not least, the children can crawl into a “mine” to look for an amazing dinosaur treasure and create fun dino arts and crafts!





  • Schools: 3rd year kindergarten and 1st grade primary education.
  • 120 min
  • Maximum 15 participants per animator
  • € 4 per person on top of the € 5 entry fee for the Museum
  • More info and reservations: 02 627 42 34 or