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  • visual of the Luminopolis exhibition: a hand in a rainbow of lightLuminopolis visual: a hand in a rainbow of light


Fri, 14/10/2022 to Sun, 13/08/2023

What is light? How does it affect our day-to-day? How does it influence life? In this totally original game-based exhibition, light is explored from every angle – physical, biological, technical and sociological.

LUMINOPOLIS is an original and captivating concept, a race against the clock with a choice of 10, 14 or 18 puzzles to solve as a team. Equipped with a tablet to activate the game stations, get hints and enter your answers. A great way to explore the vast theme of light through play.

Designed for teenagers, (young) adults and children over the age of six (starting the 4th grade for school visits).


An exhibition from Cap Sciences (Bordeaux Nouvelle-Aquitaine)





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