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  • visual of "WoW - Wonders of Wildlife": a tiger running
  • A herd of ibex leap from rock to rock in the exhibition "WoW – Wonders of Wildlife".
  • A herd of ibexes leap from rock to rock in WoW - Wonders of Wildlife

WoW – Wonders of Wildlife

Thu, 15/10/2015 to Sun, 28/08/2016

Displayed at the Museum: 15/10/2015 > 28/08/2016

The exhibition that will take your breath away!

Whether running, jumping or hunting, movement in nature is often powerful, precise, and wild. In WoW Wonders of Wildlife, a herd of ibexes leap from rock to rock; two rival males confront each other; a wolf chases wild boar; a tiger runs majestically and lions hunt fleeing zebras.

Through our amazing freeze frames you can get up close and personal with sights you might have previously only seen in nature documentaries on TV. These acrobatic installations- some displays involve whole groups of several specimens balance on a single paw or tail!- are more than just specimens; they are works of art made by taxidermists. Taxidermy is a unique field that requires the knowledge and precision of a scientist with creativity and an artist’s eye for detail.

In this exhibition, the spectacular panoramas highlight a range of topics including animal behaviour, biomechanics and species and landscape conservation, through videos, objects, and interactive activities set into detailed displays.



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An exhibition developed jointly by the Museum of Natural Sciences (Brussels) and Parque de las Ciencias (Granada)

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