Temporary Exhibition » Murder in the Museum



Murder in the Museum

Thu, 14/12/2006 to Sun, 02/09/2007

Displayed at the Museum: 14/12/2006 > 02/09/2007

Get acquainted with a fascinating and multifaceted universe: criminalistics. It applies various (natural) sciences, such as physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, ballistics, to assist the Judiciary in its quest to find out whether the suspect is guilty or not.

Investigate a mysterious crime! Tuesday 9.15 am. Our director has been discovered murdered in his office. What happened and why?

Mission: Play the part of the investigator. Subject the crime scene to a thorough analysis. Enter a professional laboratory and follow the traces (objects, prints, blood stains, corpse…). Unmask the murderer and bring him to justice.

Murder in the Museum is an informative, exciting and interactive exhibition that captures everybody’s imagination!

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