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Heart at Work

Wed, 14/12/2005 to Sun, 05/11/2006

Displayed at the Museum: 14/12/2005 > 05/11/2006

Your heart averages 37,000,000 beats a year. It might even go faster if you're in love! How many times has your heart beaten so far? How does it work? What is blood pressure? What are a heart attack, a haemorrhage and other heart troubles? Are you at risk? Can you prevent cardiac diseases?

Embark on a journey through your own body and discover a fairly undiscovered terrain: your heart and blood vessels. Following the course of veins and arteries throughout the human body, you'll discover several aspects:

The heart and its functioning - The different parts of the heart. Does a human heart differ from that of other animals?

Cardiovascular system - Every heartbeat sends blood throughout your body. But how does the blood circulation actually work?

Blood, a priceless gift - It supplies essential information about your health (blood pressure, blood group, rhesus factor, blood group compatibility...). Giving blood saves lives.

Listening to your heart... - ... is thinking about your health. Learn more about cardiovascular diseases and how to cure or prevent them.

History of the knowledge of our heart  Travel through time, looking for scientists that contributed to the understanding of the structure and the working of the heart and the blood vessels.

Heart at work is an enthralling adventure and an interactive didactic exhibition for all who care about their health, and who wish to know more about their body and its functioning. From 10 years on.


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