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Simply mussels

Wed, 04/05/2005 to Sun, 02/07/2006

Displayed at the Museum: 04/05/2005 > 02/07/2006

An intriguing, entertaining, and surprising exhibition!

The picking and eating of Mussels out of a large pot is something you need to experience once in your life! Thanks to this unconventional exhibition, you will discover the many more treasures pearling out of this unusual shellfish!

As far as its beauty is concerned, let's trust the eye of the talented artists who have already been seduced. Figure out it's economic potential through man's farming tradition, know-how, industry, and use of sustainable development. Then, consider the Mussels' numerous travels through Europe! Did you know that all the Mussels consumed in Belgium were imported?

What about their role in the environment? Filtering water all day long, a Mussel stores up everything that passes through its shell. So, can we eat them everywhere and at all times?

And, last but not least, Mussels will be recruited as future medical assistants for state-of-the-art research! What a social climbing!

Still not convinced? Don't worry, the Mussel has more than one trick in its shell! Once it has undergone your thorough examination, and told you all about its siphons, gills, mother-of-pearl, and - yes - about its pearls, you'll hunger for more!

From Art to the lab, from the sea to the table: Simply Mussels, an exhibition to savour with relish!


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