Temporary Exhibition » CreepyCrawly




Displayed at the Museum: 14/10/2004 > 15/05/2005

Experience the creepy crawly lives that go on around you, on top of you and inside of you.

There's fun and games for the entire family, both for those who like spiders and those who are a little bit frightened of them. Pay a visit to your closest neighbours – observe them, play with them, and compete with them.

Discover the fascinating and thought-provoking universe of the CreepyCrawly creatures. From flies and ants a hundred times thicker than one strand of your hair all the way to bacteria and fungus a hundred times thinner. Take a hair from your head and notice the thickness of it: can you imagine a life existing on one strand of hair?

Make your way through an ant colony, and determine what feels nice and what feels disgusting. Watch maggots eat a steak, test your knowledge and learn about your phobias – or examine the dust bunnies from your own. Spy on your bed mates – did you know that your body is their home? Step into the reduction machine and meet your tiny new peers if you dare – then send an electronic postcard to your friends. Find out why food grows long hair.

Come and earn your Creeponaut certificate.

It's creepier and crawlier than you think.

CreepyCrawly – you are never alone!

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