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Olympic Games for Animals

Tue, 25/05/2004 to Sun, 26/09/2004

Displayed at the Museum: 25/05/2004 > 26/09/2004

In this Olympic Summer, the Museum of Natural Sciences is organizing its own Olympic Games for Animals. Running, jumping, swimming, shooting: these are only a few disciplines where animals are the champions. Come and see a lot more. But you will also have the opportunity to compete with these animals. Give it a try! In doing so, you will understand why the leopard is a redoutable sprinter and a flee an outstanding jumper.

These Olympic Games have even an asset: you can observe the "looser's revenge". The hippopotamus is the worst jumper, but under water it is hard to beat. And after you tried to crawl like a snail, you might admire this slowcoach.

Join the animals in their Olympic Games.

Athens 2004: the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad

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