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  • Young Emperor penguins ready to dive (photo: Vincent Munier)
  • Visitors watching a 360° projection in the Antarctica exhibition (photo: Übersee-Museum Bremen, Foto Volker Beinhorn)
  • Emperor penguins diving (photo: Laurent Ballesta)
  • Luc Jacquet filming an emperor penguin a few centimetres from him (photo: Vincent Munier)


Thu, 17/10/2019 to Sun, 03/01/2021


re the Antarctic as if you were really there! The Antarctica exhibition takes you on an expedition to Adélie Land, on the outskirts of the French Dumont d’Urville base. Are you ready? Start in the changing room where divers prepare before sliding into the frozen water in the Southern Ocean with seals and penguins. Join them in the watery depths teaming with strange and beautiful species. When you resurface, you’ll find yourself in the heart of an icefield, just a few metres from an emperor penguin colony. Take a seat and listen to their calls, observe how they look after their young and watch them huddle together for warmth. There is so much to see in this 360 ° landscape!

Antarctica is an immersive exhibition about the heart of the continent exclusively accessible to scientists. Superb films are projected onto big screens, including a final 360 ° projection, while infographics about the lives of animals help you discover the fascinating world of land and marine biodiversity in the South Pole.

Luc Jacquet, the Oscar-winning director of March of the Penguins, presents two contrasting worlds in this exhibition: a desert of inhospitable ice where few animal species live, some birds and marine mammals, and an underwater realm bursting with over 9000 species of fish, molluscs, crustaceans and corals. His impressive and often unique images will make you appreciate the beauty and fragility of the Antarctic!

Free booklet with games, observations, quizzes and information for the whole family.

Antarctica is an exhibition co-created by Musée des Confluences & Wild-Touch

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