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visual of "WoW - Wonders of Wildlife": a tiger running
WoW – Wonders of Wildlife

Displayed at the Museum: 15/10/2015 > 28/08/2016

The exhibition that will take your breath away!

Whether running, jumping or hunting, movement in nature is often powerful, precise, and wild. In WoW Wonders of Wildlife, a herd of ibexes leap from rock to rock; two rival males confront each other; a wolf chases wild boar; a tiger runs majestically and lions hunt fleeing zebras.

Baby Animals

Displayed at the Museum: 14/03/2013 > 11/06/2014

This exhibition plunges you and your children into the fascinating world of 75 baby animals, from the day they’re born until they are old enough to fend for themselves.

Who looks after the young? What do baby animals eat? How do they learn to run, swim or fly? Together, discover illustrated stories and short films about growing up, living and surviving.

Visual of the exhibition 'Senses!'

Displayed at the Museum: 06/10/2011 >  02/09/2012

An exhibition that tickles your senses! 40 activities allow you to discover your senses and compare them to those of the animals... How well can you fire the ‘moth shooter’? Do you keep your cool when faced with a ball python? Would you use a cow as a compass? Compare yourself to bats, bees, snakes ... and test not five but eight senses! Feel free to look, and please DO touch!

Discover about forty activities, interactive kiosks, numerous stuffed animals, but also some live ones …

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