List of past temporary expos



Visual of the exhibition 'Whales & dolphins': drawing of 2 cetaceans in a dark sea
Whales & dolphins

Displayed at the Museum: 14/10/2009 > 29/08/2010

In the temporary Whales and dolphins exhibition you were immersed in a fantastic world – that of mammals which have become fully adapted to life in the water. Unfortunately though, they have come to symbolise all endangered species. Whales and dolphins was a temporary exhibition in French and Dutch.

Survivors of the X-Treme
Survivors of the X-TREME

Displayed at the Museum: 15/10/2008 > 30/08/2009

Survivors of the X-TREME takes us to some of the harshest environments on our planet. Places where man struggles to survive, even for just a few days, but whose plants and animals have raised the art of survival to another level. These super-specialists have taken an extreme environment, such as a hot, cold, or arid one, one without light, or without oxygen, and made it their home.

Visual of the exhibition 'Murder in the Museum'
Murder in the Museum

Displayed at the Museum: 14/12/2006 > 02/09/2007

Get acquainted with a fascinating and multifaceted universe: criminalistics. It applies various (natural) sciences, such as physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, ballistics, to assist the Judiciary in its quest to find out whether the suspect is guilty or not.

Investigate a mysterious crime! Tuesday 9.15 am. Our director has been discovered murdered in his office. What happened and why?

Visual of the exhibition 'Heart at Work': people surrounding and climbing on a huge human heart
Heart at Work

Displayed at the Museum: 14/12/2005 > 05/11/2006

Your heart averages 37,000,000 beats a year. It might even go faster if you're in love! How many times has your heart beaten so far? How does it work? What is blood pressure? What are a heart attack, a haemorrhage and other heart troubles? Are you at risk? Can you prevent cardiac diseases?

Embark on a journey through your own body and discover a fairly undiscovered terrain: your heart and blood vessels. Following the course of veins and arteries throughout the human body, you'll discover several aspects:

Visual of the exhibition 'Simply Mussels'
Simply mussels

Displayed at the Museum: 04/05/2005 > 02/07/2006

An intriguing, entertaining, and surprising exhibition!

The picking and eating of Mussels out of a large pot is something you need to experience once in your life! Thanks to this unconventional exhibition, you will discover the many more treasures pearling out of this unusual shellfish!

Visual of the exhibition 'CreepyCrawly': a girl next to a giant fly

Displayed at the Museum: 14/10/2004 > 15/05/2005

Experience the creepy crawly lives that go on around you, on top of you and inside of you.

There's fun and games for the entire family, both for those who like spiders and those who are a little bit frightened of them. Pay a visit to your closest neighbours – observe them, play with them, and compete with them.

Visual of the exhibition 'Olympic Games for Animals': an ostrich, a zebra and a child on the starting line
Olympic Games for Animals

Displayed at the Museum: 25/05/2004 > 26/09/2004

In this Olympic Summer, the Museum of Natural Sciences is organizing its own Olympic Games for Animals. Running, jumping, swimming, shooting: these are only a few disciplines where animals are the champions. Come and see a lot more. But you will also have the opportunity to compete with these animals. Give it a try! In doing so, you will understand why the leopard is a redoutable sprinter and a flee an outstanding jumper.


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