Activity for School: Mini exhibition: Mind the Gap!

Archeobotanist Lien Speleers at her desk (photo : RBINS)
On the occasion of International Women's Day on March 8, the Museum is presenting portraits of the staff members of the Institute, both men and women, whose gender is in the minority in their field, service or research team, at least in our Institute. The exhibition is displayed at the entrance of the Dinosaur Hall from March 8 to March 20 2018.An archaeobotanist, a museologist, a geologist, a cook, a guard, an anthropologist, an educational project leader, a science communicator, a curator, a guide and, last but not least, our general director! They are living proof that our gender does not determine our role. We wish to encourage young people to follow their career aspirations without taking heed of stereotypes or obstacles which might prevent them from fulfilling their true abilities or aptitudes.This initiative is supported by the Gender Mainstreaming & Equal Opportunities Unit of The Belgian Science Policy Office.



Camille Pisani, our General director, at her desk (photo: RBINS)
Jonas Jossels, one of our guides in the Museum (photo: Thierry Hubin, RBINS)
Archeobotanist Lien Speleers at her desk (photo : RBINS)
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