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Do you want to prepare an unguided visit, a lesson or just arouse your curiosity? In this section, you will find various documents that can help you! Educational dossiers, discovery books and activity booklets are available in PDF format.

Permanent Rooms

The Insect and Shell halls permanently closed their doors on 18 April 2017.

Close up: Phasme - Wandelende tak - Stick Insect (Vivarium)
Close up: Bee - Abeille - Bij
Maquette/Model: Fly - Mouche - Vlieg

The city is not just pavements, walls and concrete. It is often unexpectedly full of animal life and vegetation!

Who would have thought that a slowworm could be hiding in a corner of your garden? Have you ever tried to follow a blue-winged grasshopper along the railway verge? Or have you experienced a day in the life of a hedgehog? Even though the city may sometimes appear gloomy and grey, it is full of surprises!

Other Temporary Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions

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