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Pupils watch a live online animation by our education team from their classroom (photo: RBINS)

Discover some of our collections from your place and in a different way with our live online animations! From our broadcasting studio in the museum, our guides deliver educational programs with high quality image and sound. Watch our trailer.

Please accommodate 2 class hours for the entire interactive broadcast including connection setup.  

Necessary equipment in the classroom:

  • A fast internet connection
  • Beamer or smartboard
  • Speakers, microphone and webcam

Participants (30 max.) may also use individual tablets or personal computers.

This animation is available in English, German, Dutch or French.

The animation is available from Tuesday to Friday.

The animation is also available for non-school groups. 

Studio Dino

  • P3-S2
  • Are you ready to travel back in time? Our guide takes you back to the illustrious time of dinosaurs. You will discover what they ate, what they looked like and how they lived their lives. We will also explore how scientists deduced all this from fossils and how new discoveries are made every day!  By the way... are you absolutely certain that all dinosaurs went extinct? 





Entry Fees: 

€ 120,- per animation


By reservation only. Book by e-mail at

tell us
The power of a story

Available in Dutch or in French

Entry Fees: 

€ 5/person + € 45/guide

Maximum number of participants:

By reservation only. Please call +32 (0)2 627 42 52 (in Dutch or in English) or +32 (0)2 627 42 34 (in French)  (Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm).

guided tour
Observation-led exercises

The Museum presents collections in all fields of natural sciences, drawn from all the continents and oceans. Whether your goal is a holistic discovery of our exhibits or a specific theme, having your group accompanied by a specialist will give your visit real added value. Designed as observation-led exercises, our guided tours illustrate scientific methods in a simple way: based on the specimens on display, the visitors gather information, interpret it and draw conclusions. The guide tailors the session, useing language appropriate to his/her audience and interacting with the group to enhance the visit.

Entry Fees: 
  • € 5 per person (2-25)
  • € 45 per guide (weekdays only) 

By reservation only. Please call +32 (0)2 627 42 52 (in Dutch or in English) or +32 (0)2 627 42 34 (in French)  (Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm).

Belgian beetles in the Derenne collection (© RBINS, Thierry Hubin)
Backstage Tours - The Museum is just the tip of the Institute’s iceberg!

You’ve visited the Museum; now get to know the scientific institution behind it! Starting with the stairs and corridors that are normally off-limits for visitors, you’ll discover the building’s amazing architecture. Then you’ll see a scientist’s office, and you'll visit the depositories and their impressive collections. You’ll see that the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences is jam-packed with surprising specimens.

The visit’s route includes a lot of stairs and narrow passages and so unfortunately is unsuitable for visitors with reduced mobility.

Available in English, in Dutch or in French.

Entry Fees: 

€ 5 per person + € 45 per guide (weekdays only) 

Maximum number of participants:
Science is something you just have to experience!

In our workshops, you will explore the versatility of the animal world, or what the building blocks of the Earth are, what life used to be like or the origins of mankind, and more importantly, how we have obtained all that information. Try it for yourself by observing and asking questions, and then trying to work things out in a creative, fun and educational way. Experience it and find out for yourself!

The workshops are given in Dutch and/or in French.  See also for themes below.

Entry Fees: 

€ 4 extra per person

Maximum number of participants:

By reservation only. Please call +32 (0)2 627 42 52 (in Dutch or in English) or +32 (0)2 627 42 34 (in French)  (Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm) or send an e-mail to

crafting exhibitions

Touring exhibitions/workshops from the Brussels Centre for Nature Education (CBEN)

CBEN is department of the Royal Institute of Natural Sciences of Belgium, subsidized by Brussels Environment with the backing of the Brussels-Capital Region.

The centre's mission for more than 20 years has been to create exhibitions/workshops for a primary school audience based on the theme of urban nature. These exhibitions tour the 19 municipalities of Brussels and are available free of charge, upon reservation.

Exhibitions in 2018-2020: BiodiverCity 

Available in Dutch and French

Xperilab - a mobile laboratory serving schools!

This lorry laboratory travels all over Belgium. It offers students aged 10-14 a series of challenges designed to hone their sense of observation, their practical science skills and their powers of deduction. The activities are an informal approach to scientific methods to give students a taste for science.

An initiative of the Fondation Entreprise / Institut.


Entry Fees: 

2,50 € per student

Maximum number of participants:

1 classroom per session

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