Activity for Individual: Walk online through our Museum thanks to Google



The Dinosaur Gallery in Street View

The Museum of Natural Sciences has created, specially for  the new ‘Natural History’ section in the Google Arts & Culture platform, 5  online exhibitions:

You will find out about the Museum’s finest specimens and curiosities, such as the Stone of Chaleux, the Lier Mammoth or the ‘Sea rex’ Hainosaurus bernardi. The stories are based on texts, photos, videos and Street Views and are available in French, Dutch, German and English, as well as Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian for the three first of them.

You will find, on the page dedicated to our Museum, the link to the complete Street View of its permanent exhibition spaces,  introducing almost 200 specimens and archive documents.

Moreover, “A Short Guided Tour”, a selection of the museum’s nicest spots, can even be visited in virtual reality, with a Google Cardboard! This experience can be enjoyed by all on the Google Arts & Culture mobile app.


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