Activity for Individual: The Science Bus is coming!

The Science Bus

Visit and experience the Science Bus on the Esplanade of the European Parliament on show on 08, 09 and 10 November 2017!!! 

What is going on in a tit nest? How to make your own soap? How to turn milk into yogurt? After having been travelling through Europe, the Do-It-Together Science Bus is coming in Brussels this autumn. Part of the European project Doing it Together Science, it brings workshops and tools to investigate the world around you.  Follow it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Participate to one of these workshops:

  • | Watch blue tits from egg to fledge! You can follow the eggs’ development thanks to videos and photos from the project. And learn how to make bird seed balls.
  • Soap | What is soap? And how does it work to remove bacteria, dirt and grease from your hands? Discover it and learn how to make your own soap.
  • Yogurt | Make yogurt – you’ll see, it’s easy! – and discover how to transform ordinary milk into yogurt and what is fermentation.

There are 5 workshops for 8-12 year old pupils and 2 for families (from 8 year old). They are free but by reservation only. Book your workshop at 02 627 45 00 or via!


Wednesday, November 8

  • 9.00 > 11.00: workshop (schools EN/NL)
  • 12.00 > 14.00: workshop soap (families EN/NL)
  • 15.00 > 17.00: workshop (families EN/FR)

Tuesday, November 9

  • 9.00 > 11.00: workshop (schools EN/FR)
  • 12.30 > 14.30: workshop soap (schools EN/FR)

Friday, November 10

  • 10.00 > 12.00: workshop (schools EN/FR)
  • 13.00 > 15.00: workshop yogurt (schools EN/FR)


Le Bus de la Science sillonne l’Europe.
Le Bus de la Science

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