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The Museum organises a large variety of cultural activities, why not get involved?

Des visiteurs devant les écrans de projection de la zone sur la plongée dans l'exposition Antarctica (photo : Thierry Hubin, IRSNB)
Target Audiences:
Kids, Families, Adults

On Thursdays 05.12, 06.02, 05.03, 02.04, 07.05 and 04.06, from 17 to 21h, Happy Hour at the Museum: you visit our exhibition Antarctica and the Dinosaur Gallery, discover new scientific information and presentations on Antarctica, and sip an "Antarctic" drink offered by the Museum. And for the hungry, there is the DinoCafé.
Prices: €9.50 (adults) | €7 (4-17 years old)


Screening of the documentary "Hunt for the giant squid" (National Geographic Wild)
This Thursday, March 5, at 6:30 pm, Dr. Claude De Broyer, marine biologist and Antarctic expert, will present (in French) this 30-minute documentary, commented in English by Sir David Attenborough.Looking for the « colossal squid », the second largest species of squid in the world, an international team of scientists (with a former RBINS member, Dr Claude De Broyer, as “chief scientist”) had the privilege to perform the very first dives in manned submersible in the Southern Ocean. They will reach the depth of 1000 m, filming closely the very diverse and colorful bottom fauna, discovering giant species or incredibly large swarms of krill.
04 June 2020
17:00 to 21:00

Guided tours during lunch time. Only in Dutch

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