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'The Gallery of Humankind - Our evolution, our body' was nominated for the International Design and Communication Award (IDCA), in the category 'Best Scenography for a Permanent Collection' (Photos: RBINS and Koen Broos)

Gallery of Humankind got bronze at International Design and Communciation Awards 2015

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Reinout Verbeke
3D models of some of our predecessors. (Photo: Thierry Hubin, RBINS)

Behind the Scenes at the Gallery of Humankind

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Reinout Verbeke

In April, we followed the final preparations for ‘The Gallery of Humankind: Our Evolution, Our Body’, a brand new permanent exhibition at the Museum of Natural Sciences.

the glass case (300 m2) protects 8 fossilized skeletons of Iguanodon still standing in the same biped kangaroo position they were put in during the first assembly

Third Best Dinosaur Museum in the World, According to CNN

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Reinout Verbeke

According to the CNN website, we have the third best dinosaur museum in the world.

Antarctic meteorite shown in our Hall 250 Years of Natural Sciences

Antarctic Meteorite Returns to Our Museum

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The antelope is a musical instrument

An Antelope Slit Drum Finds Shelter in Our Museum

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This slit drum is part of the exhibition at the Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA), in Tervuren. As the latter is currently closed for renovation, this precious object has found a temporary home in our Museum.

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