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Integrated map with all utility functions, from the Marine Spatial Plan 2020-2026.

Something is Moving at Sea: New Marine Spatial Plan 2020-2026

post by
Kelle Moreau

On 20 March 2020, the new Belgian marine spatial plan (2020-2026) came into force. The plan provides a spatial arrangement, integrating the various utility functions of the Belgian part of the North Sea.

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Belgian waters are characterised by very dense maritime traffic. The image depicts ships anchored in the anchor zone, waiting for access to a nearby port (©RBINS/MUMM).

Does Washing of Exhaust Gases From Ships Contribute to Acidification of The Southern North Sea?

post by
Kelle Moreau

Sulphur Oxides (SOx) in atmospheric ship emissions resulting from the burning of fuel are known to be harmful to human and ecosystem health.

Scientific News
Whale skeleton

3 Million Year Old Skeleton From Port of Antwerp New Puzzle Piece In Whale Evolution

post by
Reinout Verbeke

Paleontologists have described a new baleen whale species that swam around the North Sea some 3 million years ago. Antwerpibalaena liberatlas is an extinct cousin of the modern right whales.

Approaching a ship for sulphur emission control. © RBINS/MUMM

Aerial Surveys over the North Sea in 2019

post by
Kelle Moreau

Framed in the national aerial survey programme, the scientific service MUMM performed a total of 246 flight hours over the North Sea in 2019.

Researcher Maarten Van Steenberge visits a fish market in Uganda (c) Maarten Van Steenberge, RBINS

Catfish Genes Key to Evolution of the African Landscape

post by
Siska Van Parys

Researchers have reconstructed historical changes in the African landscape using the evolutionary history of the African sharptooth catfish. They were able to date important geological and climatic events, such as periods of severe drought, more precisely than ever before.


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