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Advice for the RENTEL Wind Farm

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Rentel nv submitted a request on on the 3rd of December, 2014 to change their permit and to ask for authorisation to construct and exploit cables for the Rentel offshore windfarm in the Belgian part of the North Sea. The project includes an export cable from the Rentel park to the coast.

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European Marine Observation and Data Network: New Video Out Now!

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We are delighted to present a short video showing why the Blue Society needs improved ocean information and how the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) is helpin

The research vessel RV Belgica and Macrodontia batesi Lameere 1912 (photos: RBINS)

€1,848,000 Budget Increase

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The Secretary of State for Scientific Policy, Elke Sleurs, has provided an additional €1,848,000 for a major overhaul of the RV Belgica and the digitisation of our collections.

Keeping the RV Belgica Seaworthy

One of the iguanodons discovered at Bernissart, drawn in the exact position in which it was found, by Gustave Lavalette. (Credit: RBINS)

Bernissart Iguanodons’ Cause of Death to Be Re-Examined

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Reinout Verbeke

What killed approximately thirty iguanodons that were discovered at Bernissart: drought, drowning, marsh gas poisoning, or something else? A team of Belgian researchers are re-launching the investigation to try and find the prime suspect.

RV Belgica at sunset

Public Consultation Marine Strategy

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The Federal Public Service Health, Food chain safety and environment organises an open electronic consultation on the measurement programme in the framework of the European Directive Marine Strategy.


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