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Antarctische meteoriet van 18 kilogram wordt door wetenschappers gemeten en uit het ijs gehaald.

New Collection of Antarctic Meteorites

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Reinout Verbeke
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Richard Smith receives the prize

Richard Smith Receives Morris Skinner Prize

post by
Reinout Verbeke

Richard Smith, scientific collaborator at our Institute, has won the Morris Skinner Prize for his contribution to vertebrate palaeontology. Smith is honoured especially for the Dormaal collection of fossil vertebrates from the early Eocene. 

Artist impression of Cambaytherium thewissi

Fossils Suggest Horses' Ancestors Originated in India

post by
Reinout Verbeke

Fossils suggest the ancestor of horses and rhinos originated on the Asian subcontinent while it was still an island.

Geologists drill coring on a Japanese lake

QuakeRecNankai: Expedition to Examine Japan's Earthquakes and Tsunamis

post by
Reinout Verbeke

Vanessa Heyvaert and Ed Garrett, scientists of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS), are in Japan searching for evidence of past earthquakes and tsunamis.

A reconstruction of the dinosaur Deinocheirus mirificus. (Photograph: Yuong-Nam Lee/KIGAM)

Long-Standing Deinocheirus Enigma Solved

post by
Reinout Verbeke

Paleontologists have exhaustively described one of the most mysterious dinosaurs after tracing stolen fossils. The dinosaur, Deinocheirus mirificus, appears defy previous presumptions: he had huge grasping arms and claws, but was a non-dangerous omnivore.


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