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Barbatodon transylvanicus, the oldest fossil mammal with red teeth. (photo: Thierry Smith, RBINS)

A Prehistoric Mammal with Blood Red Teeth

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Charlotte Degueldre

Our colleague and palaeontologist Thierry Smith has discovered a 70 million year old mammal with red teeth in Transylvania, Romania. Iron strengthened Barbatodon transylvanicus’ incisors and molars and gave them their red colour.

One of the iguanodons discovered at Bernissart, drawn in the exact position in which it was found, by Gustave Lavalette. (Credit: RBINS)

Bernissart Iguanodons’ Cause of Death to Be Re-Examined

post by
Reinout Verbeke

What killed approximately thirty iguanodons that were discovered at Bernissart: drought, drowning, marsh gas poisoning, or something else? A team of Belgian researchers are re-launching the investigation to try and find the prime suspect.

Excavation of the young baboon. In the left forearm of the animal a parry fracture of the ulna and the radius can be seen.

Ancient Egyptian Animal Skeletons Reveal Injuries From Beatings

post by
Reinout Verbeke

A team of Belgian archaeologists has found wild animals in ancient Egyptian graves, which show signs of punishment and tethering.


Who Were the Artists of Lascaux?

post by
Reinout Verbeke

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Artist impression of Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus, the newly discovered feathered dinosaur

Feathered Dinosaur Kulindadromeus in Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs of 2014

post by
Reinout Verbeke

Our study on the primitive feathered dinosaur Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus is one of the 10 scientific achievements of 2014, according to the journal Science


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