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Cornutipo chillagoensis, een nieuwe soort cicade met drie 'horens'.

A new species of leafhopper that looks like a Triceratops

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Two entomologists have described a new species of leafhopper native to Australia that has a special head with three "horns".

Newly described fly species Platypalpus pictitarsoides (Photo: RBINS)

New fly species described from the Jardin Massart in Brussels

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Reinout Verbeke

Entomologists from the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences have described three new species of fly. They were collected at the Jardin Massart, a botanical garden on the outskirts of Brussels, during a major inventory project with the help of dozens of citizen scientists.

Müller's ground viper (Micrelaps muelleri), a venomous snake from the Near East, is a member of the newly described family Micrelapidae. (Photo: Simon Jamison)

Scientists find a new family of snakes

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Reinout Verbeke

An international team of researchers led by the University of Helsinki has revised the phylogeny of the Elapoidea, an important group of snakes. By doing so, they discovered a new family of snakes.

Dominant male of the new species Haplochromis glaucus.

Ten new species of predatory fish from Lake Edward

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Reinout Verbeke

A team of Belgian researchers has described ten new species of small predatory fish from Lake Edward. Scientists have long suspected that this lake between the DR Congo and Uganda is home to exceptional fish diversity.

A 'hunched' male O. gibbosus spider. (Photo: Gilbert Loos, ARABEL-image bank)

Supergene turns spider into a ‘macho male’

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Reinout Verbeke

Biologists from the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences found in a spider species that 'macho males' have an extra set of genes that is lacking in feminized males.


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