Falcon with tracker

Bad News from the Tagged Peregrine Falcon BSAK03 in Siberia

post by
Sigrid Maebe

For several days, we have not had any news from a female peregrine falcon that our ornithologists at BeBirds, the Belgian Bird Ringing Centre, had fitted with a tag while she was nesting in the Russian tundra in 2013.

Pupils looking at the stick insects in their classroom

Pupils Help to Describe a New Stick Insect Species

post by
Reinout Verbeke

A new species of phasmids is going to be observed, described and named by children from 3 primary classes in Brussels and Namur (Belgium).

Logo EBR

Biodiversity Conference 2015

post by
Sigrid Maebe

The Belgian Biodiversity Platform and several key biodiversity informatics related 


Who Were the Artists of Lascaux?

post by
Reinout Verbeke

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Logo Museum Night Fever

Museum Night Fever 2015 offers humour, photography and jazz

post by
Reinout Verbeke

The Museum as you’ve never seen it before... mysterious and intriguing at night: that's Museum Night Fever!


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