Save biodiversity, together and now! Every square metre counts!



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Save biodiversity, together and now! Every square metre counts!
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The more than 100 partners of the Belgian movement #TogetherForBiodiversity call for and give tips on how to work together for more biodiversity (promo video - Dutch or French). Every square metre counts, because even in our immediate surroundings, small-scale actions can have a big impact! The intended result: to contribute to a biodiverse and healthy planet, where it is pleasant to live and work, by creating nature spots. With the corona crisis in mind, this is a wonderful prospect. And you can win great prizes too! So get set to create your own m² for biodiversity and register your action on the website (French) or (Dutch)!

Health at Risk

Our planet is sick. More and more alarm bells are ringing. Global warming is causing extreme weather conditions and has far-reaching consequences for agriculture and our food supply. Plastic is replacing fish in our oceans. Deforestation and desiccation continue. Pandemics are the sour icing on a cake that burns more every day.

The call for a different approach is becoming louder. Taking greater care of the biodiversity around us and further afield is the remedy. It provides a buffer against further climate warming, gives oceans and soils the breathing space to recover and is the best medicine against emerging diseases. Biodiversity takes care of us! The health of the planet, the landscape and your living environment is reflected in your own health.

While some species and nature types require large areas, it is becoming increasingly clear that small-scale nature elements can also make an important contribution. They do not have to lay far from our bed to be of significance. Our houses and gardens, our schools, businesses and their grounds, ... cover a significant part of the surface area of our country. By organising these naturally and expanding them where possible - e.g. through softening - we provide extra habitat and connecting stepping stones for fauna and flora, we contribute to pollination, we provide cooling, and we make infiltration of water possible.

Biodiversity as a Remedy

That is why the 100 partners of the movement #TogetherForBiodiversity are calling on us to work together for more biodiversity: every square metre counts! We can all contribute to a healthy planet for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. All tips and information can be found at (Dutch) or (French).

It's not difficult at all, in fact for some actions you hardly have to do anything at all: let a patch of land go wild (best excuse for the annoying mowing of the lawn), replace tiles with greenery, plant a bush or a tree, make a facade garden, ...

You can register your effort(s) on the abovementioned websites. This is important in order to measure how much biodiversity is gained. And you can win great prizes: entrance tickets, t-shirts, surprise packages, flower seeds, ...

The #TogetherForBiodiversity Movement

The #TogetherForBiodiversity movement consists of more than 100 Belgian organisations. Together, they carry the message that biodiversity is vital for our survival and well-being. Objectively, society together is a large driving community that provides an answer to the biodiversity crisis.

There is no institutional or community divide within the movement: it includes universities and researchers, NGOs, environmental associations, zoos, nature parks, museums and botanical gardens, companies, schools, provinces, municipalities and local actors, Walloon, Brussels, Flemish and federal authorities. Because it really is up to everyone to take care of biodiversity. So that this vital biodiversity can continue to take care of us. The preservation of biodiversity must become a priority in our daily lives. Let's convince everyone to make biodiversity their priority too.

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